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My Etsy is open!

Please check my Instagram for creation process and other things.
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In less than a month I'll move from the US to Chile. It will be kind of "coming back", as I'll be very close to Buenos Aires. These two and a half years had been tough as I went through a process of been professionally lost, to finally find what makes me happy (for now).

That is why I stoped illustrating, but I'm sure it's just a long break. I found myself really enjoying making things with my hands, crafting creations that I can deliver to one person, one special individual that took the time and attention to order my crafts.

As I'm moving to another country I had to close my Etsy, but I will reopen it once I find a reliable way to send worldwide. This is a pending issue I had for years XD but believe me that is not that I don't want to send to different countries. Is just that my Etsy is the first time that I try selling online.

I still have a lot to learn, and the most important thing for me is to improve my production process. I'm very slow at creating stuff because I take care of details that nobody will notice, and also because I can't stick several years to one style/tecnique, so every change I make requires a totally different learning process.

I'll be posting regularly as always on my Instagram, so please follow me :D

Check my Instagram for WIP's.
Follow my Twitter for random tweets.
Or my FB Fanpage for other stuff.
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Finally! After lots of thinking and doubt I decided to open my Etsy. Amigurumis will also be in stock there, so stay tuned! The shop is still in construction, that's why orders will be available only for USA for the moment, but I really want to send my crafts to all the world >_< soon...


Por fin! Después de muchas dudas y vueltas en mi cabeza, me decidí a abrir un Etsy. También voy a vender amigurumis a medida que los vaya haciendo, así que estén pendientes! La tienda está todavía en construcción, es por eso que los pedidos van a ser sólo para Estados Unidos por el momento (que es donde resido desde hace algunos meses), pero en cuanto tenga más confianza y averigüe métodos confiables de envío prometo que abriré las ventas a todo el mundo >_<
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  • Eating: Onigiri
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  • Reading: Sidonia no kishi
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Estuve haciendo MUCHOS amigurumis durante el 2010. Si vivís en Buenos Aires y estás interesado/a en uno, entrá a:
I came back!

I uploaded several stock illustrations (like 30 of +150 done until today) in which I have been working with clients. The reason is so I can create some kind of portfolio in deviant. These illustrations have a watermark and are only for the porpose of showing my works.

I am working at the moment in a kid's book, also teaching and I am thinking about entering kid's illustrations contest so I migh get to publish books.


Subí bastantes ilustraciones (alrededor de 30 de las que +150 que llevo haciendo) en las que estuve trabajando con clientes. La razón por las cuales las subí, es para hacer una clase de portfolio en deviant. Estas ilustraciones tienen una marca de agua y son únicamente para el fin de mostrar mis trabajos.

Estoy trabajando, en este momento, en ilustraciones para un libro para chicos próximo a publicarse, también sigo enseñando y estoy pensando en ingresar en concursos de Ilustraciones para chicos como para tener la posibilidad de publicar libros.
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Yay! My first entry! My Name is Natalia Ninomiya and I am a third generation japanese girl. I am a Graphic Designer graduated from Bogotá, Colombia and I am actually living in Argentina making a living from my passion, illustration. I teach Manga at a Japanese Cultural Institute and work freelance while I am not teaching.

Well, I will keep you informed in my journal about different things that happen to me.

Thanks for watching!!

Si! Mi primer ingreso! Mi nombre es Natalia Ninomiya, soy una chica japonesa de tercera generación. Soy diseñadora gráfica graduada de Bogotá, Colombia y actualmente vivo en Argentina ganandome la vida de mi pasión: el dibujo. Enseño manga en un Centro Cultural Japonés y trabajo a modo freelance mientras no enseño.

Bueno, los mantendré informados en mi journal sobre las diferentes cosas que me suceden.

Gracias por mirarme!!
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